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You’ve been hired by the Hyperspace Delivery Service to make a delivery to planet Miridian V.

Located on the other side of explored space, the trip to Miridian V will be a dangerous yet lucrative journey full of mad robots and unpredictable stellar phenomenon.

Can you and your crew survive the trip? Will you die from the dreaded Telunian flu? Hyperspace Delivery Service offers an exciting and strategically challenging journey where you must manage your fuel, oxygen, food, and various other supplies to make your delivery within the target time.

Choose what kind of captain you will be. Work the trade routes, learn to use your crews’ unique attributes, mine for fuel, search for abandoned supplies, fight robot space pirates on the ground in retro FPS, experience thrilling space battles from the bridge of your space ship in retro 3D space shooting action.

Can you make it to Miridian V? See you on the next delivery!


  • Retro pixel art graphics
  • Name your very own space ship
  • Trade with aliens
  • Shop at orbiting space stations
  • Manage your food, fuel, oxygen, ship repairs, credits, and much more to keep your ship running and crew alive
  • Name your crew members and watch them live or die by your decisions
  • Choose your play style. Work the trade routes, mine for fuel, work missions, and so much more.
  • Original soundtrack using Adlib sound card inspired sounds
  • Fight robot pirates in retro FPS game-play
  • Directly control your space ship to fend off pirate attacks
  • Dodge asteroids!
  • Help space citizens or leave them to suffer
  • Simple to understand with a quick core game loop which offers pick up and play style gaming

**Current Version:


-Android fix speed controls if hit afterburner at 0% speed.
-Android fix flip y axis on touch screen not working.

1.22 - Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

Performance fixes. Full controller support!
Note, for the Android version that it will try to sign into google play but will fail since the app was not installed from google play. You can just ignore.

Notes on 1.15

-Fix music cutting out sometimes

Notes on 1.14

-Fix random event bug

Notes on 1.13

-Fix space controls getting glitchy where if using both mouse and keyboard to try and aim the ship at the same time.
-Fix intel being given despite not having enough credits.
-Fix local high score showing wrong number of days remaining
-Add crew and ship health status buttons during interactive events

Notes on 1.12

-Fix game sending you back to ship if have no ammo but have a melee weapon (security).
-Fix blaster ammo not increasing if melee weapon is selected
-Fix bug if returning to ship with enemies still around, you can get damaged while the screen displays the loot you are taking back to the ship.

Notes on 1.11

-Fix bug that could happen if you retreat at the same time as your ship is being destroyed.
-Fix getting reward in blockade mission if retreating.
-Fix FPS hacking sound possibly getting stuck on loop
-Adjust keyboard aiming to have weight (gradual steps)
-Fix food usage on easy mode
-Activate ship supply limits
-Clarify store limits vs ship supply limits
-Fix for allowing FPS missions if no ammo but security officer is alive

Notes on 1.04

-Fix spelling mistake
-Add option to disable/enable vsync and frame rate lock. Set disabled by default now.
-Remove med bay button from space rip encounter. It was not supposed to be there.
-Add filter for objectionable words in name generator
-Fix for if you repair ship after a space mission, go on FPS mission, when you return to ship your ship health reverts to before the repair.
-Fix void space aliens attacking outside of void space.

Notes on 1.0

-Menu alignment fix
-Fix distant walls color in FPS
-Add extra warnings before traveling to planets for blockade and fuel extraction
-spelling fixes.
-Fix FPS mini screen showing success message
-Fix errors when 1 character left and death occurs
-Fix oxygen extraction letting you extract without enough fuel
-Add blockades to intel screens
-Items are now lost if death occurs during FPS. Including any ammo brought to surface.
-Ammo amount selection screen added to FPS
-Fix MAC version not starting

Notes on Early Access .97

-Fix random crashes when only 1 crew member is alive.
-Add disable bridge noise checkbox in audio options
-reorder difficulty choice to before name choices in new game
-Add the currently set keys to the "Hold position" text when scanning locations
-fix still getting reward if retreat from void mission
-Fix radiation density in FPS radiation mission
-make certain text more clear
-other quality of life improvements involving text changes

Notes on Early Access .96

-Fix FPS Ai sprite glitches
-Add helper text for new games

Notes on Early Access .95

-Fix radar in bridge view
-Limit max amount of intel can get
-FPS return to ship message shows key
-Fix death by sickness showing wrong sickness name
-Fix med kit name miss match
-Spelling fixes
-Legibility changes to map 
-Remove medbay screen and combine with crew screen. Crew screen now has medkit buttons next to each crew member. 
-Fix Mines being too far in blockade. Make blockade slightly easier
-Fix food use display on nav screen
-clear up pace screen (add help button)
-show ammo on FPS choice screen
-Fix bridge sprites not updating after player death in FPS rescue mission
-Escape (back) key now works to close various menus instead of always opening in game menu. Will open in game menu if not showing other menus.
-NEW control system. This means any previous customization's will be gone. I also reset the speed control for the ship to +,- instead of q,e. The reason for the change is to be able to support more controllers without issues.
-fix warp sound not obeying volume control
-Fix FPS enemy pushing player out of bounds
-Easy mode now harder
-Show damage to ship visually on bridge.
-New FPS framing. Show portraits of chosen crew with 3 levels of damage.
-Space combat will now always take place from the bridge view. This gives a better connection to the crew and what their doing while in combat. It makes it more obvious that your fighting from your ship and not in a shuttle.
-Better support for ultra-wide monitors.
-Fix star spacing on map screen
-Other bug fixes.

Notes on Early Access .9

-Balance changes for Hard Difficulty level to make more difficult.
-Reward amounts balancing for all difficulty levels
-Stores now have credits which means you can't sell unlimited amounts of goods for an unlimited amount of credits.
-High score leader boards are now only reported and saved for Medium and Hard difficulty.
-Blockades will no longer show up on 2 planets in a row.
-Fix for alerts to crewman/ship deaths during hyperspace travel.

Notes on Early Access .88

-Fix FPS health going over 100
-Fix reviving crew from stasis not subtracting credits cost
-Fix rescue mission not applying ship damage
-Fix FPS Ui when have multiple weapons, the weapon switch indicator overlays the key indicators.
-Fix lighting glitch after some space missions.
-balancing changes for total days for delivery as well as various supply rewards and costs.
-Balancing change to oxygen extraction
-Slight change to fuel extraction timing.
-Add Linux and Mac builds to itch.io

Notes on Early Access .84

-Fix space mines not obeying game volume
-Fix space mines remaining alive after mini game ends
-Intel can now be found as a reward for certain missions
-Fix fuel extraction achievement 
-Fix end game achievement 

Notes on Early Access .8

-Increase wormhole study reward 
 -Add confirmations to passenger event choices
-fix being able to order soup without having enough credits
-fix travel times during hyperspace
-New UI for purchasing intel.
-Add UI for viewing intel in various places such as store screen, trading, nav, etc..
-SPACE: projectiles colliding will now always destroy each other.
-New Event find robot floating in space.
-fix pirate blockades appearing on planets with no stores.
-fix repeating FPS mini game types
-NEW Background art for various sections of the ship.
-Fix FPS robots not having correct health causing them all to be destroyed with 2 shots. Now different robots will correctly survive different amounts of hits.
-Add melee weapon for the security officer in FPS -SPACE, increase enemy count during mini games.
-Various small UI fixes.

Notes on Early Access .782

-Minor bug fixes related to balancing of jobs.
-Add space pirates drop items

Notes on Early Access .77

-fix bug causing low probability game is beatable in given time (increased available time by 100 days)
-fix blockade negotiated discount not being applied
-lower amount of items passengers can steal or win from crew in card games
-fix out of time text error message for some instances
-add medkits have small chance to heal sickness
-passengers much less likely to be infected by crew illness. (Still plan to integrate some more modifications to infections spreading to be more fair).
-New main menu graphics

Notes on Early Access .7

-FPS health kit heals less
-FPS health kit shows actual amount healed
-Allow high scores for failed run. Includes note and marking of failed run.
-Fix bug with Artifact collector not giving upgrade for 2 artifacts
-Kidnapped crew receives less damage
-New feature. Intel can be purchased from alien communications. This will revel store prices at future planets. The intel can be then viewed from the nav planet info screen.
-New Event. Space debris collecting. You are hired to collect floating debris in space. There is a time limit on claims and so you need to do it quickly to get your reward.
-New Event. Planet 21 cloud diving.
-New Event. Rescue disabled ship caught in planets gravity.
-Greater variance for artifact prices so the new Intel method can be more taken advantage of.
-Re-balancing of some rewards for various events
-Sickness can NO longer be healed by medkits. You must see a planetary doctor.
-Fix trading not showing from space bars. Will not show every time.
-Increased amount of passenger that can be picked up. 
-Crew members will now DIE if they die in FPS mode instead of retreating to the ship.
-Allow options menu from main game menu
-Less random damage to crew in hyperspace.
-Show stat changes at warp in small increments
-Lower general FPS pickup amounts 

Enjoy and please keep the comments coming!

Notes on Early Access .5

-fix shield graphic not turning off if you end a level right when you get hit and the shield turns on.

-5 new alien talking heads

-Fix FPS possible level generation glitch where key is unreachable or extra room is unreachable

-Extra buttons added to bridge to show names over characters along with limited stats.

-permadeath option added

-Space bars added. Certain planets now have bars you can visit for full stamina regeneration. Bars are accessed through the crew rest screen. The navigation screen will reveal planets that have bars.

-FPS health pickup number fixed. Now will account for crew mods. However, I realized it is still showing the max possible amount that health pack will heal instead of the amount it actually healed. Will fix in next update! 

-balance crew health lost from hyperspace radiation while in hyperspace.

-Added new art to certain events

-9 NEW EVENTS! I won’t go into detail on each as I’ll let the player discover them but here is a list…some are elaborate while some are small. Some show up randomly while others are specific to certain planets. Here they are:
kleltak match event, parts delivery event, FPS crew abduction event, Artifact collector event, void space event, planetary tours event, galactic games event, worm hole study event, phased ship event

Notes on Early Access 0.42

-Potential fix for FPS robots reverting to the wrong animation after being destroyed.

-Fix for soup event not working if you haven't visited the regular store yet

-Add 5 new alien talking heads

-Add crew positions to med bay buttons.

Notes on Early Access Version 0.41

-12 new bridge character sprites! This means I had to change the character system and so your sprites chosen for previous saves will be reset to defaults.

-Soup vendor on planet 15. Please note this is missing artwork and will have that in the next patch or patch after depending on when I get the art in.

-New FPS Ai character. Spiderbot.

-New FPS Ai character. Probebot.

-Fix crew members getting sick if already sick from passengers.

-6 new alien talking heads

-Fix to force stats to come back on after events during hyperspace travel.

-Fix communication rewards different on loading. (Was not saving game after rewards set, now save after rewards are set).

-Remove decimals on some stats. Still a lot have decimals but will slowly remove some as time allows.

-FPS fix for possibility of red key card being behind locked door.

-When selecting crew for ground mission, now auto select the "next" button for joystick/keyboard control.

-FPS add percentage readout to health

-Fix for repeated beacons.

-Fix store title alignment on some resolutions forcing the word Max to move down to next line.

-Missile lock will now work on farther out objects.

-Show distance to locked target indicator

-Seek assistance (from supply screen) is now more generous and costs fewer total days. 

-Fuel extraction added to supplies. Will allow you to extract fuel from the local star. This is fairly dangerous. Having an engineer will help. Takes 2 days. Uses standard oxy/food. Decreases stamina more due to stress.

-Slight increase in chance at finding artifacts

-Added come back mechanic. If low enough on supplies will get a communication from a hyperspace barrier surfer. It's extremely dangerous but will give you a lot of supplies. (NOTE This is work in progress. For now includes space fight at end but would like to include an FPS fight as well).

-Added one additional crew member. This crew member doesn't have any special abilities.

-Show crew sprite when selecting crew for FPS missions.

-New 3D model for mines.

-Increase possible reward for Comm officer in FPS games.

-Lower damage taken by non-security officers in FPS.

-1 new music track for FPS segments

-1 new planet arrival scene with music. Planet 6.

Please note that most planets with arrival scenes will be getting unique events. 

Stay tuned for an update on what new content is coming. 

Notes on Early Access Version 0.38

-Add clarification text for ship radiation damage that is atomically taken during hyperspace. This damage is more when pace and coolant ratio are set to higher levels.

-fix power distribution button if pressed rapidly during approaching ship cut scene causes freeze.

-if ram into other ships will now cause damage

-Supply ship is balanced so that you cannot sell to it to make large profits and the cost of items is lowered.

-Fix special missions triggering a second time if going backwards to previous planet.

-NEW FPS mode. Radiation containment. 

-Fix ramming space tears now will properly take you directly to next planet

-Lower cost of missiles

-Remove random insta-deaths. If health is high enough, will take extreme injury otherwise will go into a medical stasis chamber and can only be revived by a robot doctor at space stations for a cost.

-Add % readout to health stats during hyperspace

-Minefield trap event now shows density level on help screen

-Passenger causes damage causing ship to gain health...possibly fixed by more frequent display updates. Before it was possible that it looked like health was gained but it was just the timing of the status update. I THINK.

-Fix for seeing same beacons over and over.

-NEW CYOA event encounter alien ship event.

-Add text showing personal shield is recharging in FPS if science officer chosen

-Fix bug that caused stamina and health to increase during jobs, scanning, oxygen extraction, etc. Stamina and Health should now be more difficult to maintain.

-Balance ground bonus rewards.

-Fix for blockade not lifting.

-Fix for crew member injured during oxygen extraction not being injured

-Increase ship damage from CYOA bombs and other CYOA events.

-Health rewards balancing. Health kit heal amount lowered. Health kit cost increased.

-Disease should be more frequent and more dangerous now.

-Balance CYOA science vessel rewards.

-Updated asteroid 3D models to new models.

-Show % readout of health/stamina in crew screen and med bay screen.

-NEW planet arrival scene with music. Planet Phion

-Remove additional bonus rewards in FPS mode since the new crew member choices give bonuses.

-(Added from version 036) Added 3 new CYOA event types during hyperspace travel. These will be shown at least 1 time a play through.

-(Added from version 036) Minor fix to try to solve very rare occurrence where key is hidden within another object in FPS levels.

Early Access Version 035
-Fix FPS Ai leading target..there was a bug that made the Ai only able to hit you while you were still.

-Increase difficulty of FPS Ai.

-Tear in space will now only show up a certain amount of times throughout the game instead of purely random.

-FPS add variations on rewards or upgrades depending on what crewmember you chose. For example: science gets a personal shield, engineer finds parts, etc.

-New feature: Passengers. Can now be hired to carry passengers to planets. Random events with CYOA elements will have a chance at happening during travel while you have passengers aboard. These could be pirates looking to collect a bounty on your passenger, the passenger trying to take over the ship, the passenger helping with repairs, etc. 

-More CYOA events added. These will happen randomly throughout hyperspace travel. If you are loading a saved game, it is highly unlikely you will see new events until you start a new game. More will continually be added as development continues.Also the balance of these to non CYOA events will be more balanced as development continues.

-Fix for Blockades not being cleared.

-various smaller bug fixes

Notes on Early Access Version .3

  • turn events altered weights (space tear happens less)
  • added press any key skip during warp away from planet.
  • Blockades – Alters prices, can bust through coms mission, affects leaving the system if not busted.
  • Added Missile lock on. Last target to go through reticle is locked onto. Missiles will seek this target.
  • fix supplies not being set from rewards
  • Fix crew rest error if out of time
  • Fix hacking will restart if already succeeded. Bug introduced from allowing further exploration
  • Lowered hacking time for FPS hack game
  • Added mines in space. Currently only encountered in blockades.
  • Added ship flying power distribution. Set and balance engines/hull/weapons power for flight
  • Fix rewards randomness error
  • Space fix enemies spawning too close
  • Added some new simple events with choices during warp.  *More to be added!
  • Added limitations on maximum amount of supplies allowed to hold and still be able to purchase new supplies. You can still go above this limit from rewards. But cannot purchase more than the limit
  • Afterburner Ui shows afterburner in use or charging
  • Fix med kit not being used if health is already high.
  • Fix not being allowed same keys set for ground and space in custom controls
  • Fix randomizing of alien comm heads
  • Other bug fixes!
  • More events and mini game varieties to come!

Notes for Early Access 028:

  • Add extra indicator when hitting enemy ships. Modified flying Ui is being made so this will change when that art comes in.
  • Fix for space ui becoming offset
  • Away missions will not end automatically now. You can continue to explore and return to the ship when ready.
  • allow skipping pirate ships cutscene when they approach. (sligh glitch of extra "press any key" ui showing. Will fix in next update. 
  • Fix Space Rip help text 
  • allow view crew screen when preparing for space rips
  • Show players credits amount on space rip screen
  • fix order of back button for engines and repairs screens
  • Fix flip y access toggle not saving
  • Add mouse wheel sets ship speed in space 
  • Advanced repair parts now do more repair and cost less.
  • show pirate enemy ship health in space battles. (awaiting final Ui for this but enabled with basic Ui for now.)
  • Now will show rewards BEFORE accepting a mission. Missions still have a chance at giving a bonus reward that is not visible before.
  • Added more death/injury texts
  • Random injury, Random death, random time alterations, pirate attacks, and random damage events all use text shuffle bag now and save their state. This means you will see all event text at least once before repeats. This does not yet apply to random supply losses. More of these event texts will continually be added throughout Early Access.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Notes for Early Access 027:

  • Fix high scores list not showing first high score
  • Fix high score saving days played for non english computers

Notes for Early Access 025:

  • Fix for non US computers saving travel time with wrong character resulting in broken save games. If you'd like to fix your save game, open the save file and change the GameTimeSpent and SupplyLastScanTime variables to around what you think they were before it broke.
  • Fix for mouse leaving the screen for multi monitors and window mode.

Notes for Early Access 020:

  • Instructions specific for mobile
  • Adjustments for ultra wide monitors and phones. Not fully supported but should now be playable.
  • Added toggle for "low res" mode in Video options. This makes FPS and Space mini games not have low res filter applied.

Notes for Ealry Access 0194:

  • Added Android build for itch.io
    • This version will be difficult to test as I only own 1 android device.
    • controller and mouse are supported
  • Fix not allowing high scores if failed delivery
  • Add extra data for High scores. Will not work for old high scores. New highscores will now have a button to view crew, supplies, and other stats.
  • Added online version check when on menu screens. Will display a message saying a new version is available when appropriate and if you allow the game through firewall.

Notes for Alpha  0193:

  • Fix not taking damage after retreating
  • Fix space game types not alternating properly

Notes for Alpha 0192:

  • Fix days not being counted for requesting help
  • Add high score set name at end of game
  • Remove high score debug buttons
  • FPS pickup text now multiline
  • Space Rip only show items to lose if you have the item

Notes for Alpha 0191:

  • Fix invisible missles
  • decrease music compression amount

Notes for Alpha 0190:

  • Health kit will heal sickness even if at full health
  • space retreat will not cause damage if no enemies currently are spawned
  • show retreat button in asteroids

Notes for Alpha 0189:

  • Unique sound for special pickups
  • disable nebula until I can have time/budget to get a variety of space backgrounds
  • added ui borders around space ui elements 
  • fixed afterburner timeout so infinite  afterburner is not possible.

Notes for Alpha 0188:

  • 2 new location arrival scenes and music
  • more checks to disable mouse  when using keyboard
  • preparations for Android alpha build
  • changed the choice of space mini games to linear list instead of random to avoid getting same mini games over and over
  • minor bug fixes

Notes for Alpha 0187:

  • FPS added keycard locked doors
  • FPS fix game type rotation to not be random and instead be on a rotation
  • Grammar Fixes
  • FPS new door textures
  • Extended Intro music
  • FPS add ground and ceiling textures
  • Adjust space pickup amounts for medium and hard modes
  • Fix entering warp sound jumping
  • Added viewscreen border to space game
  • Various gameplay adjustments
  • Grave Markers (space beacons) now write to disk instead of unity playerprefs
  • Add 2 new arrival paintings with music
  • Reorder arrival paintings
  • Limited available missions per wait period. Waiting enough time will eventually allow more missions but at a bigger time cost.
  • FPS fix player continuing to move after game ends
  • FPS added gun sway

Note for Alpha 0185:

  • FPS most planets now have unique wall textures
  • FPS fixed room generator still creating impossible to get to areas
  • FPS added doors

Notes for Alpha 0180:

  • FPS mouse aim glitch fixed
  • Added FPS variation
  • FPS stop spawning in walls
  • FPS no longer stick to walls, will now glide on walls
  • FPS fix room generator making impossible to get to areas
  • New planet arrival painting added AND music

Notes from Alpha 0171:

  • Fully Playable
  • Added Afterburner in space (default tab). If this doesn't work when loading a save from previous version, go to the control settings and reset them.
  • In game explanation as to why you can't abandon cargo or sell it on your own
  • Beacon arrows blink
  • FPS new wall textures, new pickup textures, new decorative items
  • FPS new mini game type. Hack and deactivate robot factory.
  • Space fighter mini game now has scanning for beacons while at a planet. 
  • Space mini games now have pickups 
  • 3 new animated talking alien heads
  • FPS new hand and gun drawing/animation
  • Many other smaller fixes and adjustments!

Please report bugs!  http://zotnip.com/contact/


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAdventure, Action, Simulation, Strategy
Made withUnity
Tags8-Bit, oregon-trail
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)
LinksSteam, Homepage, Twitter


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