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Hyperspace Delivery Service

Name your crew, name your ship, manage your supplies, trade, battle, survive, and make your delivery! · By mikepinto81


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NEW Early Access version 0.41 uploaded
Thanks to amazing feedback by users GameDragonZero and Olowokandi I decided to concentrate on addressing some of their concerns/requests. I didn't get to ALL of...
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Hyperspace Delivery Service - NEW Early Access 0.38
A lot of bug fixes. Some new events. A new arrival scene with music. A lot more than I anticipated! -Add clarification text for ship radiation damage that is at...
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Hyperspace Delivery Service - NEW Early Access 035
Early Access Version 035 -Fix FPS Ai leading target..there was a bug that made the Ai only able to hit you while you were still. -Increase difficulty of FPS Ai...
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NEW Early Access version 03 uploaded
Notes on Early Access Version .3 *Please note that due to a control config change your custom controls will be reset to default. turn events altered weights (sp...
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Hyperspace Delivery Service - Update Version 028
Notes for Early Access 028: Add extra indicator when hitting enemy ships. Modified flying Ui is being made so this will change when that art comes in. Fix for s...
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Hyperspace Delivery Service - NEW Early Access 0.25
In addition to the notes below, the game is now available on Steam Early Access! Please note that the Android version should be considered experimental since i...
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Hyperspace Delivery Service - Android Version added!
Notes for Early Access 0194 Added Android build for This version will be difficult to test as I only own 1 android device so I'm hoping the community wi...
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Hyperspace Delivery Service - NEW Alpha .0193
Notes for Alpha 0193: Fix not taking damage after retreating Fix space game types not alternating properly
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