Hyperspace Delivery Service Alpha Version Released!

I'm officially releasing the alpha version of Hyperspace Delivery Service on itch.io as an experiment to get more player data and ideally make the game more fun! 

My goal for the alpha and eventual beta is to get feedback on game balance, bugs, and general enjoyment from players. I will take all of this into consideration as the game nears launch. There won't be drastic changes from here on, but if there is enough income I can at least add more art and animation. 

The idea for the game comes from old style games like Psi-5 Trading Company and Oregon Trail where you have a singular goal of making it to the end and have to balance your resources to make it. 

Please let me know your thoughts on the game, suggestions, complaints, bug reports, and anything else.

Thanks for playing!


HyperSpaceDeliveryService_Alpha_0160.zip 99 MB
Jun 16, 2018

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