Upcoming Updates..

Thanks for all the great feedback everyone. There are a bunch of fixes that are currently being worked on for the next release. I'm aiming for sometime next week having a new release up. The big thing I wanted to talk about was the asteroid mini game.

Reworking Asteroid Mini Game

Due to feedback, time, code complexity, and my own dissatisfaction with the current asteroid field mini game I'm completely overhauling the asteroid mini game. It will now be  a hunt the sensor beacon type mini game. You'll still fly through the asteroid field but now you'll have complete 360 control (like the pirate mini game) and you'll fly towards sensor points before the time runs out. If you stray to far, you'll lose the fix on the reading.

The other thing this does is simplify the 3 different control variations from 3 to 2 ( the 3 being FPS, Space Flying - wing commander style, Space Asteroid - after burner style). 

Mini Game Variation

Currently this means there are 3 types of mini games - FPS defend the settlement, Space pirate encounter, and asteroid field. My goal is to continue to get feedback and start to add some variation to what you do during these mini games as time allows.

Thanks for playing!

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