Hyperspace Delivery Service - NEW Alpha .0162

New alpha is now available! Includes fixes and alterations based on feedback.

Alpha 0162 - Windows Only

Notes on Alpha 0162:

  • Fully Playable
  • Adjusted default mouse aim sensitivity
  • Fix being able to click retreat by accident. Now only keyboard/joystick will initiate a retreat. 
  • Fix in game menu un pausing game while in certain sub-menus and hitting escape
  • Made days remaining more clear in Nav
  • Allow hold down button to keep firing in space
  • Fix random mouse freezes
  • Adjusted control change menu to show current keys on menu buttons
  • FPS move and strafe speed increased
  • Added fuel penalty to exygen extraction
  • Days lost from random events lowered
  • Costs of items at stores now random instead of increasing based on how far along you are.
  • Easy mode a little easier over all and hard mode harder over all
  • Story alterations for clarity.

-Asteroid mini game is completely revamped.  Now you must scan way points to find the ship. Also there is now  a chance for a pirate ambush at the end.

-There will be bugs. Please report them!  http://zotnip.com/contact/

My next plan is to move onto to working on the FPS segment as well as continuing to balance the game stats.


HyperSpaceDeliveryService_Alpha_0162_2.zip 99 MB
Jun 29, 2018

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