Hyperspace Delivery Service - Android Version added!

Notes for Early Access 0194

  • Added Android build for itch.io
    • This version will be difficult to test as I only own 1 android device so I'm hoping the community will give me feedback.
    • controller and mouse are supported
  • Fix not allowing high scores if failed delivery
  • Add extra data for High scores. Will not work for old high scores. New highscores will now have a button to view crew, supplies, and other stats.
  • Added online version check when on menu screens. Will display a message saying a new version is available when appropriate and if you allow the game through firewall.


HyperSpaceDeliveryService_0194.apk 136 MB
Sep 12, 2018
HyperSpaceDeliveryService_Alpha_0194.zip 128 MB
Sep 12, 2018

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